About me.

The Professional life me:

The title of my profession is very long. I am an ophthalmic medical technologist with a subspecialty in ocular ultrasound. What that means is that I perform diagnostic testing on the eye. Ultrasounds, pictures, visual fields, tonometry, electrodiagnostic testing, vision screening… the list goes on. I love my job. I take pride in what I do. In fact, since I graduated, I have taken on the responsibilities and the joy of teaching and sharing and educating my colleagues, medical students, residents and other physicians. I have created a great environment for me to thrive and work in.

The Personal life me:

I am a mother to an adorable bichon maltese named Andy. He’s turning 3 this year! I am also the middle child of a family of 5. My parents and my extended family live in Malaysia and I live in Edmonton with my fiance, sister and brother.

I’m getting married to my best friend this year. We are so excited but so overwhelmed with everything that we have to do. I’m sure all soon to marry couples go through this cycle as we are experiencing: excitement – planning of a wedding – overwhelmed – thoughts of cancelling the wedding – thoughts of making it a destination wedding – thoughts of just eloping – thoughts of why did we sign up for this -to: let’s just do it because we know we want it phase.

We love to travel and like everyone else, we love looking for good deals and we love taking extended vacations. I have been working since I graduated in July 2012, and I feel that it would be AMAZING to be able to take a 3 month long vacation to really rejuvenate my mental health and build experiences with my life partner and explore places in the world we want to go.

I will continue to write my thoughts and our preparation for this journey. I told a few of my colleagues, and I have yet to tell my manager. I think there are a lot of people that are feeling the same way as we do. The intention of my blog is to focus on how we plan for our trip, how we talk to our employers, and our trip across the pond.

more to come.

xo, D